Statewide Youth Advisory Board

The Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence’s Youth Advisory Board (YAB) consists of representatives from grades 6th through 12th who live in Florida. The Youth Advisory Board holds at least one collaborative meeting per year and periodic web based meetings. Each member of the board is responsible for leading initiatives in their local community. YAB membership benefits include help in building college applications and resumes, expanding leadership skills, having statewide involvement and influence, and the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference by preventing dating violence in Florida.


The mission of the board is to spread awareness, develop techniques for the prevention of teen dating violence, and connect students across the state. YAB members advise adults working to prevent teen dating violence by sharing a youth perspective on teen dating violence prevention initiatives and projects throughout Florida.


  • Promote social change amongst youth
  • Empower youth to educate peers on teen dating violence
  • Spread awareness on the issue of teen dating violence across the state
  • Serve as an advisor to the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence on statewide teen dating violence prevention initiatives.

It is more important than ever for you and your peers to become leaders in your community by working to prevent teen dating violence before it ever occurs! For more information, please contact us

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