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Courageous Adults

Info For Educators

In 2010, Florida passed legislation intended to promote youth education related to teen dating violence and to support teen survivors of dating violence. The Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence (FCADV) in partnership with its membership organizations and the Florida Department of Education developed resource curricula, including supplementary materials and teacher training, addressing teen dating violence for grades 7 through 12 to satisfy the requirements of Florida Statutes 1006.148 and 1003.42. For more information on these requirements and resources available to educators visit

In addition, Florida’s 42 certified domestic violence centers are working to prevent teen dating violence all over the state. We encourage you to connect with your local domestic violence center to find out more about the resources they have available to educators and the services they offer for youth end educators in your community.



Info For Parents

Talking to your kids about TDV and Healthy Relationships
It’s never too early or late to discuss topics such as healthy relationships with your teen.  Even if your teen is not in a relationship, talk to them about steps to take to prevent dating violence and how to have a healthy relationship:

  1. Research teen dating violence and healthy relationships (get the facts) before you initiate the conversation.
  2. Ask questions and encourage an open discussion. 
  3. Avoid interrupting, lecturing and use of judgmental gestures, and give them the opportunity to speak.
  4. Talk about options your teen has if they have witnessed or experienced dating violence.
  5. If your teen is in an uncomfortable relationship and they are afraid, assure them they can come to you for help.
  6. Provide examples of healthy and unhealthy relationships.  Use examples on television, movies, music, or videos.
  7. Remember to drop everything and pay attention to your teen if they need help in a relationship.
  8. Contact the Florida Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-500-1119) for more information and find out if there are dating violence prevention programs in your community.
  9. Be aware of your child’s online activities and cell phone use, and educate yourself on how technology can be used to control someone in an abusive dating relationship.

Parents should feel comfortable talking to their teens about healthy relationships and teen dating violence.

Here are some links to helpful resources to get you started:


Info For Men

Men have an incredible opportunity to influence other men and boys to treat their partners with respect. Not only is it an incredible opportunity, it’s a responsibility. We invite you to join in this mission to prevent violence against women and girls in all forms. We owe it to our sons and daughters! Learn more by checking out these awesome resources or contact your local certified domestic violence center for ways to volunteer.

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